About Me

I am a mover, teacher, and choreographer, specializing in contemporary/postmodern dance, vinyasa yoga, and creative space making. Beginning a formal study of dance at fourteen, yoga quickly became an intimate part of my embodiment journey. My first dance teacher, Theresa Graziano (a.k.a., “Mama G”), frequently wove an asana and meditation practice into class. The balance, strength, and confidence this routine instilled in me as a performer inspired me to dive deeper into yogic and other Eastern philosophies, which continue to inform my approach to creative pursuits. 

Along with my Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT certification from Sangha Studio (Burlington, VT), I hold a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Ohio University and consider myself a lifelong student of the body. Being a dance teacher for 14 years — to a variety of ages, backgrounds, and bodies — I frequently bring my penchant for intuitive movement onto the mat and into the studio. (More specifics on my classes here, and choreography here.)

A note on ecosomatics…

The study of ecosomatics explores the relationship between mind, body, and environment, under the belief that by deepening our sense of embodiment through mindful movement, we tune into a greater ecological consciousness, and so bear a positive influence over (and a greater sense of empathy for) the world around us.

My two greatest passions in life are movement and environmentalism. I was the child on the playground babbling on about the perils of acid rain, or dancing in the grass behind my home to the tune of my grandpa’s gardening shears. When I discovered ecosomatics as a field, it validated what I always felt to be true: that deep care for nature and mind/body discipline are inherently connected. This philosophy continuously informs and motivates my approach to dance and the healing arts. I strongly believe that the path toward greater harmony — with our climate, our resources, and each other — begins with the body in motion, and the mind in flow.